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How Supercent grows ARPDAU with ByteBrew!

Supercent grew their ARPDAU by 54.5% on Dino Universe!

About Supercent

Supercent Supercent is a top mobile game publisher in Korea with a games portfolio totalling over 400 million players. Founded in 2021, Supercent has rapidly grown to a team of over 65, generating 95% of it’s revenue from overseas. Supercent uses the ByteBrew platform to both analyze and optimize new revenue channels in their games to maximize their titles' profitability. With one of their recent hits, Dino Universe, Chris on the Supercent team breaks down how they used ByteBrew to find profitability and increase ARPDAU.

At the Start

After our early monetization measurement, we found that the game was showing promising metrics, but a majority of the revenue was generated from ad revenue, indicating in-app purchases were both a significantly under monetized channel and where the biggest opportunity was to increase profitability.

Cross Analyzing Purchase Progression by Player Level with Breakdowns

About Breakdowns: Breakdowns is a popular tool on ByteBrew used to deep dive into how your players interact with your game's custom events by generating a granular table of user engagement metrics using your custom event's subparameter values.

In Dino Universe, we have several in-app purchase types that we classify as “products”, available to players in-game. These purchase types are split by either Chapter packs or Gem bundles. Chapter packs are grouped offers of both consumable and non-consumable in-game items. Gem bundles are packs of our game’s hard currency that can be used to purchase in-game items. On ByteBrew we were able to use their custom event structure to attach different game aspects to our purchase events to get a deep context of where, when and why users buy items in the game. Using our integrated purchase events, we built a Breakdown to investigate what player levels were buying in-game items and which categories of purchases they were buying. Reviewing the report, we found that 64% of players were choosing to purchase Chapter packs at their first items in early player levels. These statistics reinforced the logic that early paying players favored buying packs of goods that contained items they could use to bypass easy levels at a faster pace. To increase the purchasing rate of early players, we introduced 3 new Chapter pack purchases targeted at different price ranges in a new game update. These new packs led to a 63% increase in D0 Purchase Rate from the previous build.

Balancing Level Difficulty and Price Elasticity with Breakdowns

After increasing our early stage purchasing metrics, we continued our analysis of different types of purchasing users by investigating what later stage players were purchasing. As users progress through player levels in Dino Universe, the resources they need to collect to level up become more difficult and time consuming. Utilizing Breakdowns, we examined which products our players favor at higher player levels. Seeing the data illuminated that, although Chapter packs were heavily preferred at early levels, the inverse took place at more difficult player level ups. Gem bundles in the game during levels 6 and 7 were purchased at 10x rate compared to Chapter packs. While players in early stage levels used Chapter packs to use in-game items, later stage players would buy Gem bundles of hard currency to directly buy the resources required to level up at an accelerated rate. Following our analysis of a player’s motivation for purchasing Gems at late levels, we increase the level difficulty curve to scale the resource requirements of levels. Previously, a player could buy a $9.99 Gem bundle to convert enough resources required to pass level 6. However, after increasing level difficulty, the resource threshold to level up required players to purchase a $19.99 Gem bundle to update from level 6. This retroactively both tests if players would buy more Gem bundles after the difficulty increase and the player’s price elasticity for passing a level. By introducing the $19.99 Gem bundle in the latest monetization update Gem sales increased by 48%.

Layering Targeted Purchases to Whale Buyers with Breakdowns

Post optimizing the cadence of how players were purchasing in-game items, we ran reports to locate what segments of players were making the purchases in our latest build update. As another parameter under our purchase custom events, we add a tag for user purchasing buckets that we call UserGroup. Within UserGroup, we have monetized groups for Minow (under $10), Dolphin (under $25), Shark (under $50), and Whale (over $50). This segmented view enables us to see the distribution of purchasing users and what monetizing user segments make up a majority of the sales. Building a Breakdown to analyze what UserGroups make up the games Purchases, we found a typical distribution of Minow’s accounting for almost all the purchase volume. However, Whale users reported only making up for 32% of total revenue; identifying them as an incredibly under monetized player segment.

Breaking down their specific segment of players to find what drives their purchasing behavior, we found Whale’s overall favorite product type was Chapter packs. The group of players demonstrated their appetite for buying packs of game resources, however, our largest Chapter pack available was only $4.99. To provide a purchase targeted at Whale users, we shipped a new Legendary Pack priced at $29.99; resulting Whale’s accounting for 28% more total revenue than the previous build.

Final Results

Utilizing the insights we uncovered from ByteBrew, we were able to build new layered monetization strategies targeted when players purchased, how they purchased, and what groups were purchasing. These series game optimizations drove our ARPDAU to grow +54.5% in our game Dino Universe.

“ByteBrew’s remarkably astonishing tools gives our team the power to design and cross-analyze our game’s player data to unlock previously undiscovered monetizing potential that couldn’t be found on any other platform.”

Chris 크리스_김근동, PM at Supercent

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