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Built by Game Devs for Game Devs, ByteBrew is the all-in-one game analytics platform that gives you everything your game needs to grow for free!

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ByteBrew is one of the most powerful analytics tools in our development pipeline. Their platform provides our teams with the ease of use from an out-of-the-box solution, with the analytic complexity to deep dive into our game's performance in real-time. Having best in class tools and support is paramount to our ability to rapidly scale new and exciting games, and we couldn't be more excited to work with the ByteBrew team!

ByteBrew’s remarkably astonishing platform gives our team the power to design and cross-analyze our game’s player data to unlock previously undiscovered monetizing potential that couldn't be found on any other platform.

ByteBrew has greatly expanded our scope of project analytics by creating unconventional analytical forecasts that enable faster decision-making for our games optimization, to unleash their potential.

ByteBrew enabled us to build complex analytical breakdowns in real-time that were critical in locating where and what to optimize in our game to help turn it into a global hit.

ByteBrew allows us to build real-time, complex data dashboards in seconds for our games, which used to take hours of work to produce with raw data.

ByteBrew's exceptional free tools, coupled with their outstanding support team, continues to astound us. With continuous development through community feedback, we highly recommend them to all game developers.

ByteBrew empowered us to explore deep game insights with their user-friendly design. We’re able to dive into detailed metrics effortlessly as we continuously pursue design improvements for our success!

ByteBrew is a brilliant tool that’s allowed us to better understand how our users engage and make informed decisions we can track quickly and cleanly. We’ve tried many analytics tools over years of development and ByteBrew is the clear favourite.

We use ByteBrew for the easy-to-read dashboard and powerful user journey features. Using ByteBrew to improve user pain points, we have increased dwell time by 150%.

ByteBrew enabled us to take a step forward in performance across our games portfolio thanks to its easy to access data capabilities. Games that looked doomed became profitable, profitable games became hits, and hits grew even further.

ByteBrew has made it simple to better understand and address player frustrations. Their team’s support has been invaluable in helping us fully utilise their platform, providing us with the critical data needed to refine player experiences and boost retention.

ByteBrew allows us to analyze our data in realtime with dashboard that are easy to interpret.

The level of support we receive from ByteBrew is best-in-class and unmatched compared to any other solution we've used in our development.

ByteBrew’s free attribution is a game changer and exactly what indie studios need to survive in current market conditions.

We started using ByteBrew at the end of 2023 with one game, and now starting in 2024 we use ByteBrew for nearly all our active games. ByteBrew provides our team the tools we need to quickly identify where we can make improvements in our games.

ByteBrew's platform gives our team the agility to effectively measure and comprehend our game data faster than any other solution.

Not only is the platform amazing for diagnosing how to grow our games, but the ByteBrew team brings unparalleled industry experience with their dedicated support to game developers.

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Engagement Analytics

Tracks the essential engagement metrics from retention to playtime with custom user filtering


Monetization Analytics

Validate and track in-app purchases, and aggregate in-game ad revenue to measure vital monetization metrics


Retention Analytics

Innovative data science breaking down KPIs each day a user retains to uncover new data on how users interact with your game.


Remote Configs

Customize your games remotely by changing in-game configurations without submitting new updates to the app stores



Use ByteBrew's attribution tech to measure marketing metrics for each of your game's ad campaigns on our supported ad partners


Custom Workspace

Build analytics, funnels, breakdowns and cohorts on your own custom dashboards tailored for your games.


Push Notifications

Add the ability to build, automate, segment, and analyze push notifications for your games with just one line of code.

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Analyze your players real time
engagement metrics

Instantly track your game's key performance indicators by cohort to discover insights into to your user's player life cycle.

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Aggregate revenue from all
your game's monetized sources

Using our monetization dashboard, let's you analyze every revenue source in your game, from in-app purchases to ad revenue, to predict real LTV and ROAS.

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Discover your player's real-time
user journeys!

Map your user's journeys throughout your game to drill deep into understanding how and why your user's reach your game's most critical goals.

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Custom Workspace

Build & Save your
own custom game analytics

Unlock new insights in your players by using Custom Workspace to query, build and save your own custom analytics, funnels, event breakdowns, and cohorts for each of your games.

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Live Ops

Advanced Live Ops to optimize
your games and apps on the fly

Access cutting edge Live Ops tools to optimize your games remotely in real-time using our advanced Remote Configs and A/B Testing products.

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Integrated with top ad networks

Measure performance of supported ad network you advertise with from macro level campaign performance down to micro level creative breakdowns.

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Push Notifications

Maximize your games
engagement with Push Notifications

Use our advanced messaging suite for games to build, segment, automate and deliver your push notifications.

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Remote Config Conditions

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