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Get the full picture of your marketing efforts using ByteBrew Attribution to track every install in your game across the industry’s top game ad networks.

Measure your advertising channels with these features


Traditional Attribution

Easy to set up attribution, connected to the industry's top ad networks with more partnering with each update to the platform.


SKAN Attribution

Clear SKAN integrations with customized reporting and event settings to get the most out of SKAN.


Ad Spend Tracking

Get validated spend reporting directly from your ad networks every day.


App Tracking Transparency Handler

Stay compliant with ease using ByteBrew's custom ATT handler pre-built in our SDK.


Attribution Analytics

Access the industry's most expansive marketing analytics with every impression, click and install broken down across each of your campaigns.


Publisher Level Attribution

Find out not only the network your installs are coming from, but even which publishers are showing your ads.

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