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Instantly access the most comprehensive suite of data tools with Custom Workspace to start building everything you need to turn your game into a business.

Discover new insights using these features


Build Custom Analytics

Explore your games data by building and saving your own custom event queries.


Build Custom Funnels

Build your own player journey charts to visualize how your players transition through every part of your game.


Build Custom Event Breakdowns

Breakdown every part of your gameplay by deep diving into your custom event parameters.


Build Custom Cohorts

Locate segments of your players that interact with different custom events day by day in your game.


Build Custom KPIs

Create custom segments of users, link them to refined event types and create formulas to build tailor made KPI's.


Custom Event Sub-Parameters

Create unlimited custom event sub-parameters in your games to dive as deep as you need into your game's data.


Save Dashboards

Save everything you build in your custom workspace to your own personalized dashboards.

Custom Mechanics

Build Custom Visual Queries
without Code

Unlock cutting-edge data tools to analyze multiple custom events
and user segments, design customized chart breakdowns, and compute custom functions on your game's data.

Custom Funnels

Visualize every step of your
player journey

Go step by step in your player's jounrey to understand how users transition through your game by designing real-time player funnels.

Custom Breakdowns

Dive into your custom events

Get in-depth analysis of your game's data by creating breakdowns of your custom event sub-parameters.

Custom Cohorts

Map segments of your player's gameplay activity

Locate groups of your players that interact with specific parts of your games.

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