Real-Time Analyticsdone

Custom Cohort Filteringdone

Retention Reportingdone

KPI Reportingdone

Custom Event Trackingdone


Monetization Metricsdone

Revenue Aggregationdone

In App Purchase Trackingdone

In App Purchase Metricsdone

Receipt Validationdone

Ad Revenue Trackingdone

Ad Revenue Attributiondone

Ad Performance Breakdowndone

Custom Cohort Filteringdone


Level Progression Trackingdone

Player Gameplay Statisticsdone

Progression Funnelsdone

Time-to-Complete Funnelsdone

settings_remoteLive Ops

Basic Remote Configsdone

Grouped Remote Configsdone

A/B Testingdone

Multi-variant Testingdone

A/B Testing Reportingdone


Install Trackingdone

Integrated Ad Networksdone

SKAdnetwork Integrationdone

Attribution Analyticsdone

Campaign Reportingdone

Ad Creative Level Reportingdone

LTV Graph Modelingdone

ROAS Graph Modelingdone

manage_accountsStudio Management

Team Dashboard Accessdone

Studio Managementdone

Custom Team Rolesdone

Admin Managementdone

Game Viewer Invitesdone

celebrationSDK Access Unlimited

sports_esportsGames Unlimited

person_pinMonthly Player Sessions Unlimited

boltMonthly Active Users Unlimited

near_meMonthly Tracked Events Unlimited

downloadingMonthly Install Conversions Unlimited

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