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How Detective IQ hit #3 Puzzle Games using ByteBrew!

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About MindYourLogic

MindYourLogic Studios is a gaming and animation company based in India with a portfolio of mobile games creating logic-based games to help improve and challenge player’s logical skills with riddles, puzzles, brain teasers and more. MindYourLogic utilizes the ByteBrew platform to scale their games to the top charts. With their #3 hit puzzle game, Detective IQ: Brain Games, Anshul Khandelwal, the Co-founder of MindYourLogic breaks down how their team used ByteBrew to unlock the scale necessary to reach the top charts.

Unlocking Scale without the cost of MMP’s

From the start, Detective IQ: Brain Games showcased positive user retention metrics with 25% Day 1 and above 5% Day 7. Reaching these engagement metrics for the game’s genre indicated the title was ready to start scaling, however, the cost of using traditional mobile measurement partners to track our marketing efforts became an immediate roadblock to grow the game any further than it’s organic download rate.

For Detective IQ, our key demographics for its content was centralized in local geo’s: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In the region, the target cost per install we aim to achieve is about $0.04 per install, and with our average lifetime value of users at $0.05, we’re able to measure a 20% positive margin on the cost of acquisition. This positive margin allows us to continue to re-invest in our game and grow our business.

Using traditional mobile measurement partners, the cost to track an install alone is $0.06 per install. Adding this fee to the cost per install not only makes our return on ad spend plummet to -50%, but the cost for attribution individually is almost twice the target price of acquiring the user itself. ByteBrew’s attribution measurement provides free install tracking, removing the roadblock that stifled our game from being able to grow.

From March to the end of May, we’ve been able to scale marketing to acquire over 20,000 players a day, climbing to #3 on the top charts for Puzzle Games in India. At our average volume of daily installs we saved $1,000 a day in attribution fees with ByteBrew.

Optimizing Ad Spend on Live Campaigns to Maximize ROAS with Mechanics

As Detective IQ scaled, we needed to continuously optimize our campaign bidding strategy to not only reach new audiences at lower costs, but also locate users that would monetize at higher rates in the game. For Detective IQ, our primary source of player LTV was revenue generated from reward video ad placements throughout the gameplay.

With ByteBrew’s all-in-one platform, our game’s analytics and attribution data is unified; enabling us to break down how the players from each acquisition channel perform in-game across their lifetime. Using ByteBrew Mechanics in their analytics suite, we were able to drill into users from each campaign across our live networks to analyze how each segment of players was monetizing with Reward Videos.

About Mechanics: Mechanics is a developer's data playground where you can design queries on your game's data, build segments to examine how different user groups interact, and visualize your data exactly how you request.

Comparing the performance of each network, the player’s installing from our first network were producing 80% of the reward video impressions driven in the game compared to our other live network. This breakdown gave us the immediate insights required to start funneling more significant ad spend on our first network. After making these marketing updates, we experienced 10 times the traffic volume in the game.

Final Results

Utilizing ByteBrew’s attribution and advanced analytics, we were able to break free from the cost of attribution fees to scale our game and optimize our live marketing strategies to maximize our game’s profitability. These optimizations enabled Detective IQ: Puzzle Games to reach #3 in Puzzle Games for India and saved us thousands a day in attribution fees.

“ByteBrew’s Attribution and Analytics suite enabled us to deep-dive into our players behavior, construct user acquisition strategies at the campaign level and continuously optimize our strategies to scale even faster with more profitable users. ByteBrew was the key to unlocking our game’s scale.”

Anshul Khandelwal, MindYourLogic Co-Founder & CEO

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