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How to get your game published!

Mood Games grew their Day 1 Retention by 96% on ByteBrew

About Mood Games

Mood Games is a mobile game studio based in Turkey with a game portfolio totalling over 50 million players; working with the largest publishers on the app stores. Mood Games uses the ByteBrew platform to discover where opportunities are to maximize their game’s profitability. With one of their most recent hit Traffic Jam, the founder of Mood Games, Yusuf YILDIRIM, breaks down how he used the platform to get their game published.

At the Start

During the initial tests marketability was strong with low CPI’s, however, our key metrics were 25% Day 1 Retention, 20 minutes of Playtime, and 6 D0 Reward Videos watched. For successful launches with maximized lifetime value in the idle clicker game genre, we aim for 40% Day 1 Retention, 30 minutes of playtime and 8 reward video watches on D0.

Locating Churn with Breakdowns and Funnels

About Breakdowns: Breakdowns is a popular tool on ByteBrew used to deep dive into how your players interact with your game's custom events by generating a granular table of user engagement metrics using your custom event's subparameter values.

In Traffic Jam Fever, we have various road upgrades to expand the amount of traffic that is added to the game. Each of these upgrades comes with an in-game cost that the player must accumulate to afford. We used ByteBrew’s unique custom event structure to meticulously define every facet of the game. Utilizing Breakdowns, we broke down the road upgrades on ByteBrew to analyze how many road upgrades were performed at each level to find how many players were engaging at that stage and found a steep player drop-off among different road upgrades at later stage upgrades.

About Custom Funnels: Custom Funnels is a powerful way to visually breakdown the flow of yours through your app's key conversion points. ByteBrew funnels are calculated in real-time and use closed funnel analysis to produce the most accurate funnel reporting.

Using these same events, we built a funnel to examine at which steps player churn was taking place in the game. This analysis enabled us to make quick game development decisions to adjust the costs of specific roads inhibiting players from progressing in the game. As a result, we successfully reduced the churn rate, leading to higher player retention in the later stages of the game.

Optimizing Playtime with Journeys

About Journeys: Journeys is used to understand how your players transition through every path in your game by examining your game's custom event progression. This tools is often used when examining why players are dropping off between key points in your game.

As a player progresses in Traffic Jam they build towards unlocking new cities levels in different regions. This would give users new content to experience with a fresh start in their gameplay. Using Journeys, we examined that players would quickly drop off between cities. Analyzing user dropoff paths in journeys, we found that players did not like having to reset their progress in a new city level. To give users a continual player journey, we combined each city into one large map level to give users a continued game path. By connecting the cities we were able to reduce user dropoff between cities enabling longer playtime and increased reward video engagement.

Final Results

“ByteBrew enabled us to build complex analytical breakdowns in real-time that were critical in locating where and what to optimize in our game to help turn it into a global hit.”

Yusuf YILDIRIM, Founder of Mood Games

Any advice for Studios starting to use ByteBrew?

As developers begin integrating ByteBrew custom events, it's crucial to meticulously define every facet of the game. Identify pivotal points that alter the game’s economy, distinguish elements in level design, and even minor gameplay variations that influence the player’s experience. Placing events at these junctures paints a meaningful picture of how players engage with the game.

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